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03 March 2006 @ 09:54 am
#4: Never Let Me Go.  
Wow...this was a wonderful book - one of the most thought provoking books I've read in quite some time.

Premise: Kathy H. is our narrator, thinking back on the years she spent at Hailsham, the friends she made there, and the absolutly monsterous things direction her life has been used for. Very difficult to talk about without giving away the big dark secret, and even though all you have to do is read a couple of amazon reviews to find out, I figured I would LJ cut.

Ok, so this is a book about cloning. Kathy H. is a clone who was created as an organ donor. She goes to school, is taught to make art and to keep her body healthy and clean so that she last as a donor for as long as possible. The story is based on Kathy, her friends Ruth and Tommy, and their experiences as they go through school, become carers, and become donors.

The author concentrates on the mundane things that make Kathy and Tommy and Ruth human, the squables, the art projects, the love affairs, the friendships (there's a very moving paragraph when Kathy is thinking back on her friendship with Ruth, reminds me very much of one of my own friendships). And in the context...thats what makes the book especially moving.