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20 January 2006 @ 10:21 am
I really liked this book, although it felt a little slow. I had expected more from it really - which I think is very much a sign of the current political atmosphere.

Basic Plot - Lindburgh becomes president of the United States between FDR's 2nd and 3rd terms. An anti-semite and a Nazi, the jewish community waits to see how far the new president will go. Told from the perspective of one family who is amazingly ambushed from all sides by the President's new policies.

Spoilers behind the cut.

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Next: Michael Chabon's the Final Solution :)
06 January 2006 @ 03:59 pm
Ok - am I bad for not being completely blown away by this book? Am I missing something?

I appreciate how a person can be misunderstood, and I really really like the story up until she goes to Kiemo Ko, but after that, the attempt to turn this wonderful character into something that resembles the Wicked Witch of the West really didn't do much for me. And even after Dorthoy showed up, I was even less and less inspired.

But the first half of the book was wonderful and was very well written. I enjoyed the more subtle connections to the Wizard of Oz than the second half of the book where they try and shoehorn all of the characters into the both plots.

Next on the list: the Plot Against America
I've been trying to post this book for a week, but the worlds been getting in the way.

I loved this book, it was written simply, which I appreciated. But one question has been bothering me, critics always get very excited when a man can write convincingly of a woman, but what about women who can write convincingly as men? Alas, the author of this book fell quite short of giving a voice to an old jewish man, but she was an apt observer. The concept in this book was enthralling though.

Leo Gursky is an old Jewish man who is afraid that when he dies, no one will notice. Alma is a young girl trying to find a world beyond her mother's never-ending grieving. These two characters with seemingly nothing in common at the beginning of the story end up wound together in an intriguing story of identity, loss, and other potentially depressing words.

I read the first few pages on Amazon and was completely convinced it would be wonderful, and it was.

End of the Year Summary

I'm pretty sure this is going to be the last book of the year - with only a few days to go and I'm only 100 pages into Wicked. I'm rather disappointed in myself for starting but not finishing so many books this year...and for buying so many more books than I started. I just didn't have as much time to read as I would have liked.

But I will find a way to make more time for reading. I'm trying to let myself read for at least half an hour before bed, which is difficult, but I try. Crocheting has taken up a great deal of my evenings for the past 3 or 4 months, since, well, presents had to be made. But they're mostly done now and I hope by January I'll be able to spend more time curled up with books.

I've also decided that next year, I can't buy any more books until I finish some of the ones I already have. I have an extensive list of books I've bought but haven't finished (which I will post in the next couple of weeks), and will dedicate the next year crossing some of them off the list! I think I said that last year too though, but this year I really mean it.
07 December 2005 @ 11:22 am
I've been very very bad about updating this journal. And, truth be told, I've spent so much time crocheting holiday presents I haven't been doing much reading at all. However that hasnt' stopped me from accumulating books :)

Let's see...what have I finished lately?

I read Kushiel's Chosen, and I'm reading Kushiel's Avatar now. Really, I'm just enjoying the awful parallels Carey is making. She's having a great difficulty coming up with anything original except sex scenes, though watching her character bungle modern history is amazingly amusing. Her interpretation of religon is amazingly interesting and I'm not sure if its brilliant or just completely ridiculous. I think it depends on what page I'm on.

I of course, re-read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in time for the movie.

Also read Jane Yolen's King Arthur book (or at least the first of them, I'm not sure if its a series yet) Sword of the Rightful King. Very anti-climactic take on the Arthur legand and I'm pretty sure I wasn't impressed. It felt too, calculated, took all of the magic out of it.

Read the second book in Rosalind Miles' Isolde series, pretty standard for her. Thought I still love the story. Very much looking forward to the movie.

In other news: I really need to clean up my library. Books are everywhere. I dont' think I'm enjoying my new genre based organization system. Probably time to put it back into something a little more managable. Only problem, I'm SO running out of room!!

Today, I'm lusting after new books again. Targets: The History of Love and the Plot Against America.
My Book Journal
05 October 2005 @ 04:32 pm
Neil Gaiman's new book...I didn't feel like it was as strong as American Gods, there was less symbalosim and less mystery, but the characters were much more developed - more real.

Maybe its a question of density....American Gods was much more dense, it assumed more about its reader and left a deeper imprint. Anansi boys is much lighter in comparison, but still a very well told story.

Fat Charlie Nancy is embarassed by his father's outgoing nature - he sings, he plays tricks on people, he brings jazz bands to hospital rooms. But when his father dies and Charlie learns of the existance of his brother, Spider, the quiet little life he built for himself becomes rather, umm, shook up? would be a good word for it?

Definitly a good book, though really, I could have waited for the paperback.
My Book Journal
07 September 2005 @ 04:58 pm
Another from Christopher Moore - great distraction, I liked it better than fluke but nothings as good as Biff.

Summary: Sam Hunter used to be Samual Hunts Alone, and live on the Crow Reservation. 20 Years after running away from the reservation, Old Man Coyote catches up with him to bring him back to his old life and a new love.

Sentimental but still well written. Definitly a fun and distracting book.
My Book Journal
01 September 2005 @ 09:52 am
So I didn't finish either of these two novels, though I did try.

They were both beautifully written, but in the end, I really just didn't have the patience for the almost too well crafted prose. It rambled beautifully, but I was having trouble actually getting attached to the characters.

The biggest impression that both these novels made on me was that reading them felt not quite right. They're not the violent ghost stories that scare me, they're much more subtle. It's rather the same feeling I got when I was reading Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell - that I was dangerously close to something, but not quite there.

So I've decided to put these two down for a while. I dont' think I'm at the point in my life where I'm ready to be that kind of spectator yet. I figure I need at least 5 more years and then I'll be able to fit into these books perfectly, just not quite yet.
My Book Journal
07 August 2005 @ 03:25 pm
The 4th Thursday Next book finally came out on paperback - and I think this is an excellent way to end the series (and hopefully he plans to end it here - more would just be, well....more.)

In this latest installment, Thursday and Friday are back from the Well of Lost Plots, chasing Yorrick Kane, trying to unravel the Merry Wives of Elsinore, and trying to bring to pass the last revealment of a 13th century Saint (who just happens to be a guy named Steve). The saga comes together wonderfully at the end...without leaving any loose ends. Don't want to give any more than that away - as I assume I'll be lending this one out to at least a couple people on this list.
My Book Journal
Wow....that went really really quickly.

I think this one is defitly one of her better books- and well worth the two year wait.

just in case of spoilersCollapse )

Ok - enough of that.
My Book Journal
02 July 2005 @ 06:32 pm
Stupid fluffy, not even close to scary, which is probably a good thing since most of the other books in my posession are threatening me with nightmares should I read them before bed.

Sunshine just wants to be a normal girl. But alas, her father was a wizard, she gets kidnapped by vampires, who come after her and her fellow captive when she uses her latent powers to help them escape...

Of course, her fellow captive is another vampire, and the police are after them too...

It was the perfect book for a lazy day like today...with very little content, a few too many characters, and just enough sexual tension to make it addictive.

Definitly not one of McKinley's best...I love her fairy tales, but this was kidna cute too, in a not quite grown up kinda way.