My Book Journal

I'm not quite sure how to start an info page for a book journal....I love books, I've always read, but anyone who reads says that. I'm absolutely awful at making sure I update this thing.

I can only suspend reality so far so I tend to stay away from fantasy and sci-fi, except for the really good stuff. I love fairytales, alternate histories, and different perspectives on things I know well. I faithfully believe that magical realism is an oxymoron and should be avoided at all costs. I refuse to read Gabriel Garcia Marquez's books just becuase I'm stubborn. I have an extensive list of books that I've bought, possibly have started, but have never ever read. You will be able to see this list HERE when I link it.

They opened a Borders across the street from my office. Unfortunetly this is not helping me learn to use the library.

Please excuse my inability to spell words with too many letters.